Wednesday, July 1, 2009

25 Things About Me

So, I don't know shit about Facebook, or Twitter, or any of the other glorious/hellish electronic ways by which we stay connected to each other. This blog is a giant step for me. But I've seen a fair amount of these, and as this is new, both to me and anyone reading it, I thought it might be nice to do one of these. Hello Bandwagon!

1. I live in Rogers Park, the northern tip of Chicago, with my sweetheart in a rehab condo we rent from the developers. It feels far as hell from work, my friends, and anything I'd be interested in doing with any degree of regularity.
2. I secretly like that it feels far as hell.
3. I recently celebrated my twenty-ninth birthday. That nine at the end of my age feels a bit like a diving board, like a precipice from which I am about to jump or fall into any number of great, or terrible, things. I feel the change coming.
4. My sweetheart and I have been dating seriously for almost two years.
5. I am a black woman born and raised in southern Ohio.
6. My sweetheart is an Asian-American man whose parents emigrated to the United States from Taiwan. He has a nuanced but specific sense of what it means to be Chinese in America, and he is also eleven years my senior. This makes for a good deal of interesting cultural discoveries, both good and bad, depending on who's been drinking what.
7. I discovered a year and a half ago that I have fibroid tumors. They are extremely common in women, especially black women, and they run in my family.
8. These facts do not prevent me from feeling nervous about the state of my reproductive health and my ability to conceive children.
9. I have been a vegetarian for almost two years. I like the culinary creativity it affords me, I like the quality of food I eat in order to stay healthy, and I like how light I feel not burdened by digesting meat.
10. Sometimes, I miss the feel of pulled pork or sashimi-grade salmon in my mouth.
11. I have an avid, generally rewarding yoga practice.
12. Sometimes I feel frustrated in my practice, because I feel like I should be able to do poses that I cannot.
13. Occasionally in the midst of this frustration I remember that the challenge I experience is an act of grace, a time to learn, and that Transformation takes lifetimes.
14. I recently began seeing an acupuncturist to help treat my fibroid tumors. By the end of every week that they give me stinky Chinese herbal tea to drink, and I get used to it, they change the formula and I have to spend another seven days choking down something awful.
15. I am seeing a really great therapist. She makes me feel both excited and absolutely deflated, we laugh a lot, and there is good work inside me being done. But miles to go before I sleep.
16. I love my family, but I do not always like them.
17. When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I am a teacher and a writer.
18. The truth is, neither teaching nor writing pays all of my bills, so more accurately, I am a teacher-writer-au pair-editor. (at present)
19. I am currently working on a book project. It is nonfiction, a memoir of sorts discussing race, gender, sex and sexuality, reproduction and family, and womanhood.
20. I hope to use this blog to dialogue with other people who are interested in participating in the possibility of an oral-history component of this book.
21. I love being an artist. I consider other paths I could have taken--attorney, psychologist, administrator, consultant, journalist--and none of them seems quite to suit my temperament.
22. Being an artist absolutely terrifies me some days, to the center of my self. Some days I covet the beautiful consistency of a 40-hour work week cubicle job.
23. I teach creative writing part time to undergraduates at an institution of higher ed in Chicago. I hope one day to teach undergraduates full time, and also to teach yoga.
24. My sweetheart and I are discussing marrying each other. We have discussed it for months now, and I have recently owned the reality that it is a sore spot with me that we aren't engaged yet. Like a good writer and a fucking amazing boyfriend, he encouraged me to write about this sore spot, and it has become an essay which will be featured on Chicago Public Radio's Eight Forty Eight this Monday, July 6. (This date is also the 29th birthday of my best friend from high school.)
25. My sweetheart and I are also looking for a common worship experience. I was raised Baptist (or close to it) and he has no specific religious affiliation, but has Buddhist/spiritualist tendencies. It is a complicated journey that we make with plenty of stumbling. Sometimes this stumbling causes me panic, but then I remember that my life in God's hands is a process, and his life in God's hands is a process, and that we two want to hold hands in the process, and I sigh, and try to resume breathing deeply.

How do you like that. I thought getting to 25 would be tough. Maybe someday when there's a bevy of whole new info to report, all get to 100. But that wasn't so bad, was it?

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Nyactorgirl said...

This is great. I think maybe I'll try it too.

I am so proud we are friends. You are so cool, did I ever tell you that?!