Thursday, July 2, 2009

Remembrance: The Tank Man

My heart is heavy this morning and my brain whirling, the both of them busy with the sussing out of a patently racist thing that happened to (at?around?) me yesterday. Still working out my words...

Meantime, here's some things to see: The first is an online photojournal of a family.

The second is something I saw last night, a Frontline documentary about the Tank Man, a single citizen who stood down a platoon of PRC Tanks on the heels of the Tiennamen Square Massacre.
I swear right now, that as I typed this entry, I had this poetic thing about being nine and now twenty years later, and I went looking for an article about how the United States has helped the Chinese government to censor their internet, how American corporations have enabled Chinese internet police to try to erase this awful, inhuman treatment of its own citizens. My internet suddenly locked and had some "error" and had to "shut down". I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but this big brother keeps growing larger and larger by the minute.

When Jesus gave his disciples the first communion he said, "Do this and remember me." The world is working hard so that billions of people can forget what happened to their citizens, to the previous generation, and indeed, many in China have already forgotten. It is our responsibility as world citizens not to forget, to remember this man for his bravery and his outrage, and to remember the thousands of others, the others that the Chinese government has deleted from record, who fell and died that day in protest of their basic rights as citizens.

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