Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fifty Percenters

If you're lucky, you make friends with people who are both humorous and serious, who support you when you feel weak and deflated, who challenge you when you can't hear yourself, to make sure you know what you're saying, who occasionally convict you when they see you about to stumble, and who rely on you for prayer, thought, warmth, fellowship and the occasional fashion tip.
Such is the nature of my friendship with Rebecca.
She recently committed her life to an amazing man with whom she's every day a little more in love.
She also recently launched a blog with a number of other interesting people that you can read here. It's a blog about people engaging Judiasm through a number of different ways, including interfaith relationships; Rebecca is writing tenderly and candidly about the nature of her interfaith marriage. It's compelling, often funny and provocative. Dig it.

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