Monday, January 11, 2010

Day Laborer Theatre Without Borders

A dear friend of mine has been at work using theatre to make the world a better place. This past Sunday, the LA Times decided to write about it.,0,2370702.story

When I graduated from undergrad, I remember thinking that as powerful a medium theatre is, as evocative and moving, that somehow I just didn't have the thing, the thing that an actor or a director needed, to make it what it could be. I lacked the vision to project it out of the box, or the patience to listen to the story under the story, or something. I consider myself lucky to have people in my life, no matter their distance, who can use this elemental and timeless art to reach everyone.

Art is magic, my friends. It is a power and a gift, and we should put as much of it into our lives as we can hold.

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Laura said...

This is fantastic -- totally in the tradition of Valdez.... it's so cool that Ethan is involved with this. Thanks for sharing!