Wednesday, March 31, 2010

secret listener.

One thing I like about Chicago is that when the weather warms up, people hang out of their houses while on the phone.

On my way home tonight I walked past a man sitting on his patio with a white plastic cup in one hand and his phone in the other. I smiled at him and he waved two fingers at me, while saying, "You gotta eat your vegetables... no, but vegetables are important, fruits too, at least three servings a day, okay?" He must be talking to his kid, I thought. A divorced man telling his daughter to eat what her mother puts in front of her so she can grow big and strong. Or maybe talking to his dad, who won't eat the canned green beans at the home because he thinks they're trying to poison him. I wouldn't eat that stuff either, have you seen what canned green beans look like? Yech.

I overheard a man several stories up saying, "Now you know, she gonna be her own woman, there ain't nothin you can say to her..." about a daughter? A sister? An old flame?

Perhaps cell phones have made the snippets of one-sided conversations ubiquitous. But tonight was an interesting night, to walk past people and let their words float down to me, as they tarried in the warm falling night, to welcome spring, in the midst of their talk.

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