Saturday, May 15, 2010

journal entry: notes on Manifest May 14, 2010

"Pickering reveals our predilection to deflect fear by trying to anticipate and plan for it--and our tendency to process it by turning it into narrative."

What marks do you use to show that people have been in a space? How do you see objects, footprints, detritus, fingerprints, smears on a place to reveal something about who lives here and the lives they lead?
a magazine shrine to Paris Hilton on a slanted wall--hiding a stairwell on the next floor--painted lavender. models. one leg in front of the other, blue water, palms.

(If I were going to go back to school, I'd want an interdisciplinary degree. I think theory is useful, but it's only useful to academics. I don't want to cut teeth and earn chops on it.)

"I am going because it is worthwhile, it is my particular challenge, it will most likely bring benefits, but that is not why--I am going because I would have no peace if I stayed."
The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst Sara Andrews

So many women in the BFA exhibit are white. An overwhelming number. Is it because so many of the photographers are white? Or is it because of the fashion industry's homogeneity? What does the industry say to a changing world? Does it say, give us more women of color we can put on the cover of our fashion mags? in movies?
and what do we say? loosen your grip on what's attractive, sexy, striking about women? How do you define pretty?

There's a lot of the white story being told. White women. White men. White families. Who's telling my story? Who's telling our story?

How much training in a thing does one need to practice it?

the s-word=should

"everyone had a drink in their hand to help them keep their balance"

"in a congregation, gossip moves on good intentions"

30 lines with my new name in memory of absent partner

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