Monday, August 30, 2010

radio silence?

Today's reason why I love this woman so much is because she shamelessly cites National Public Radio programs on her blog. Terry Gross is my hero. Someone needs to teach me how to air interview so I can be the kind of rock star that woman is.

Lately I've been feeling really, really lukewarm about this whole blogging scene. I've been thinking a lot about what we say and why we put our voices into the world in the first place, Andy Warhol, Langston Hughes... my mind's a mash-up right now. I haven't lost any confidence in my voice, just perhaps some confidence in this space as a medium for it.

I suspect though, that there is something beautiful and good about the reality of speaking in hopes of an audience, and of listening in hopes of connection; some days we're not just yacking to hear the sounds of our voices, or listening to be entertained. Some days we're actually connecting.

... sigh.

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