Friday, November 12, 2010

a window into the work.

Poor—adjective, noun plural. What your parents work tirelessly to avoid being now that your family has moved to The Suburbs. Poor is delineated by: buying and wearing used clothing; having cooked rice for breakfast (because it is cheaper and more available than designer cold cereals) (ironically, as an adult you do both of these things by choice, not out of economic necessity); poor hygiene and mediocre grooming habits (a fact your mother would NEVER allow to be true about you, see also nappy); infestation of vermin and or insects; irregular bedtime patterns; inability to speak with proper verb tenses or subject-verb agreement; malnutrition; ashy skin and bare feet.
Both your parents were plagued with the concrete reality of being poor growing up. Your parents work for years at jobs they don’t like, in order to make the money that allows them to forget that they know what poor feels like: the rub against the skin, the emptiness in the stomach, the burning sadness and frustration churning in the heart of poor. They have survived it like warfare. They have toiled diligently, desperately, incessantly, to prevent the stench and infection of poor from touching their adulthood or your life. You are not poor and you do not know poor.

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