Sunday, June 26, 2011

My 31st Birthday in Pictures (and words, because really, who am I kidding?)

Somehow all of the best days in my marriage involve miniature golf. I love it.

Surprise tickets to Earth Wind & Fire at the Charter One Pavilion.

Alas, Mother Nature had other plans. When the skies broke, we put on our plastic ponchos and huddled under the nearest tree, told each other jokes and dodged lightning.

a little morning yoga and pranayama...

This was on someone's counter at the WF in Boystown. Random, but beautiful, like much of life.

Writing and a birthday treat @ Meinl. Cupcake from WF, gluten and dairy free. Not sugar free. Serious sugar crash later.

Dinner with friends at Broadway Cellars! Grateful for a lovely party.

June 22 was a lovely day. Thank you to everyone who made it so special. At some point birthdays become smaller; you don't get paper cone hats and balloons and noisemakers and lots of people who buy you toy robots and talking dolls because they think you're special. But I'm happy and lucky that I have friends and loved ones who will gather around me to show me how they really feel about me. Thank you. Thank you.


CC said...

I love these! So glad your hubby is a crafty somebody and that we were able to successfully surprise and celebrate wonderful you. Mwah!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely! That mouse is terrific, by the way. Happy, too, to join in the celebrating!