Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spring Travels

They aren't tremendously good photos, but I like what they make me remember. All the kind, funny people I met as the plus one my hubby brought to his reunion for the first time. How bright-sunny-hot Boston was, and how it made all the difference in whether or not I liked being there. Breakfast with women who made me feel like one of the family two seconds after we were introduced. Walking. Smiling. East coast-ing.

Brunch with M & C and scrambled eggs with chives and truffle oil(!). Peonies at weddings, those marvelous flowers that are signs of health and fertility. Too much wine. Riding bikes in short skirts down unfamiliar streets. The Mississippi River.

Cafe con Leche (soy, please!) at Cafe Tropical in Silver Lake(?) with K & D. A coconut macaroon the size of my fist. A grateful audience. Diversity of performers. The strange, magnetic tug I feel every time I visit LA, and the brain teaser of trying to figure out how to uproot my husband and my life and move them across the country.

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