Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer memories pt. 1

I'm not sure I even remember how to do this anymore... so instead of trying to write anything here today, I will commemorate a summer that was full. Full. Some of the struggle has already been named, so I will name some of the joy.

We recently spent a weekend downtown "stay-cationing", and went to Navy Pier. Had high hopes to ride the Ferris Wheel...

but alas, wind conditions prohibited. Sigh.

This was not a part of our weekend away, but was one of the best parts of my summer. What an amazing show.
 It was his idea to get out of town for a while, since I've been thinking and working so hard and he's been thinkging and working so hard, and we've both been digging into each other, often in a positive constructive way, but not always. We had a lot of fun, we laughed a lot, we made healthy choices, and we almost forgot we had responsibilities to anyone other than each other. Thank you, Favorite, for a wonderful chance to enjoy each other and to rest.

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Roar said...

Thank YOU, Favorite