Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Full Disclosure

So since I finished the photo journal, I've been trying to keep a sketchbook journal.
It's not going so well.
I'm finding that for one thing, I'm not drawing every day the way I was shooting every day. My paper journal tends to be a space I go to when I want to go, when I want to write or work or just figure out what's on my mind. So I haven't chained myself to a kind of regularity in the journaling practice like I did when I was shooting photos every day.
I'm also not very good, as far as drawing is concerned. But I know that's not the point, so it's no biggie.
I've been looking to the journal of Frida Kahlo for inspiration of how to approach this part of the process. Even her journal is raw, unflinching and stunning in its imagery. What chance do I have, right?
But I'm doing what I can do. So here's an example of what I've got so far.

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