Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Ripped from a blog on, who ripped from Charles Schultz or some authorized Peanuts website.
Ubiquitous but valuable, here is the list of things for which I am grateful this Thanksgiving:
  • gluten-free soy sauce
  • my yoga practice
  • clean, running water and indoor plumbing
  • women in my life who are thoughtful, supportive and sensitive in their dealings with me
  • Japanese scientists who whisper sweet words to water droplets (more on this as it develops)
  • an ever-deepening knowledge of my body, my self, and my place in the world
  • my job
  • access to healthy food
  • the ability to read
  • writing
  • the view out the window beside my writing desk
  • a computer that still works
  • gravity
  • a life--lungs that breathe, a heart that beats, a conscious mind, an able body
  • sunshine
  • bearing witness to the transformative art of others
  • the ability to continue learning
  • the pursuit of an ever-softening heart
  • Charlie Brown comics
  • an attentive, generous, playful, honest, brave, delightful, deeply willing partner
  • stories
  • tears
  • down comforters
  • classical music stations
  • french fries with truffle oil, or with lemon zest and chopped parsley and herb aioli
  • revelatory dreams
  • restful sleep
This morning I woke before dawn and did some yoga that was inspired by the season; "An Attitude of Gratitude" was the theme in the Ashtanga-influenced practice. Right now it feels like there's a lot dragging on my system, a lot to be angry about, a lot of pain to distract. In the midst of all that reality, I want to take time to acknowledge and appreciate what is also lovely and sweet in my life, and to be grateful for all the lessons I can learn, even if they hurt.

Probably lots of people doing this right now, but the people I noticed are here and here. If you'd like to sound off about what you're grateful for, please share, here or on another blog.

Eat what you are hungry for, rest easy and rejoice in the company of loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving.

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CC said...

I am grateful for your beautiful words that I am taking a break to read on this lovely afternoon. I am grateful to know you and so many others who use language, their abilities and their intentions for good. Much love to you always, Jess! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!