Sunday, February 24, 2013

YU30 Week 3: In Pictures

At the end of week three, I thought I'd share the photos I've been taking of my YU30 journey. I've made so many amazingly tasty recipes from the Yum Universe website, and the fact that they're all gluten-free and plant based only makes me happier. Some of them (cough, cough, Red Quinoa Tacos) were so tasty and amazing that I couldn't get any photos of the food, because we ate it so fast! Still, in between all the prepping and the scarfing in the last three weeks, I managed to snap these shots. Enjoy.

This is the bowl of spices that make up Ethiopian Berbere spice. I used it recently to prepare lentils, chickpeas and collards for some dear friends of mine. It tastes amazing, but I was probably sneezing the entire time. Grinding spices, even with a spice grinder, is tough work!

My improv on a kale and lentil pizza. This one has cashew cheese, kale and mushrooms on a g-free tortilla.

This was for the same Ethiopian dinner party. A week before I practiced making homemade injera. Not enough coconut oil on the bottom of the pan. I used my cast iron the next time, and they came out perfectly.

Carrot apple ginger juice. Tasty snack!

Lunch 2/23: Tofu scramble with yellow pepper, kale, onion and garlic, mixed with a creamy sauce of cashew, sunflower and some other tasty bits. This is his plate, hence the multigrain bread. (I'm the only g-free in the house.) Improv on the mushroom purslane scramble.

Most days' breakfast: smoothie!

This was an AMAZING breakfast of red and yellow quinoa, amaranth, fruits and nuts. We had this around the time the snow fell heaviest. It was heaven.

Soaking walnuts this afternoon, to either dehydrate or roast, and eat out of hand.

Prep I

Prep II, for scramble.

Hearty cauliflower soup.

Looking for recipes? Browse to your heart's (and stomach's) content at Yum Universe.

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