Friday, June 14, 2013


Found this online, wikipedia, I think. There are some really scary, creepy cat photos out there, folks.
So I've been dreaming of cats lately. Twice inside a month, I've been visited by a cat--although I don't know if it's the same cat in both dreams--that decided it was living with me. In the second dream I turned to my husband and said, "Okay, I guess we have a cat now." Both times the cat could communicate with me, shaking or nodding its head when I asked it a question. A cat recently visited me in a meditation and gave me some really lovely and inspiring advice about dealing with a great loss.

So when I consult my Animal Spirit book, it says this about the cat:
"Cats have been domesticated since at least ancient Egypt, where the mythical cat Bast, the daughter of the sun god Ra, was goddess of the home... Several other ancient religions believed that cats are souls, angels, companions or guides for humans, and are omniscient. While in Islam there is not a sacred species, it is said by some writers that Muhammad had a favorite cat, Muezza and that '[the Prophet] would do without his cloak rather than disturb one that was sleeping on it.'
"Cats convey independence, connection with the female spirit, self-love and the ability to walk quietly and with longevity. Call on Cat when rumors are swirling around you and you need the strength to shrug them off; when suffering from low self-esteem; when it is necessary to approach an adversary or opponent quietly or surreptitiously."

So, cat. I've always been more partial to dog, because dogs are friendlier and have lots of energy, which makes us a perfect fit. But maybe there's a cat out there who needs me, needs us, and the Universe wants to help us find him or her. I'm open to it; we don't quite feel ready for a pet, but it might be nice.

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