Friday, July 26, 2013

Cool Summer's Round-Up

All too often in life I get stuck in a goove.

In part because I'm considering how to help my blog through some transitions, and in part because I'm moving soon and am swamped preparing for that, I'm posting another round-up. I like this as a form. Enjoy.

A principal has been insulting a few teachers at her school, and is catching heat for it. I think there's a petition about this, so have a look for it if you think this is deplorable.

It's not news, but my favorite live storytelling event is telling a story at one of my favorite wine bars on Monday night. If  you're looking for something fun, check it out.

WBEZ answers burning questions about why Chicagoans don't eat ketchup on their hot dogs and other burning questions. I linked to this because of the oldest sidewalk in Chicago; I thought the idea was charming.

I haven't watched Robin Thicke's video, or at least not all of it. I did watch about thirty seconds for the context of this video, but that was all I could take. I like this single better, and it was fun to watch even without the context of Robin Thicke and misogyny.

This article in the New York Times shows bums me out; health care is still an institution serving our nation's women inequitably.

On that tip, our nation's legislators are f-ing it up for all of us trying to get insurance. When I think about Congress, I want to emigrate, preferably to a small tropical island.

This is a lovely meditation on the connection between yoga and our religious and/or spiritual practice.

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