Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Making the house hunt a less sobering experience

We had drinks a while back, on my birthday. Mine is on the left, three times more ice than his.
Introducing an HGTV drinking game.

As you're sitting down with HGTV and looking to get your home-improvement buzz on, we'd suggest choosing a beer that's crafted in the city you're moving to. If you're like my Favorite, you'd enjoy playing with a nice Goose Island Green Line, or Revolution Brewing's Anti-Hero IPA. I've heard good things about Brooklyn Lager (obvious choice for NY) and Yuengling beers, which is the oldest brewery in America, in Pottsville, PA. If you're in Kentucky, lucky you: play with Knob Creek or Eagle Rare, which is a great bourbon. Alternatively, you could choose a drink representing where folks on the show live or are moving to: Canadian Whiskey (lots of families from the great white North), Newcastle or Strongbow for those English folk moving to the countryside, or a lovely Bordeaux to celebrate a couple relocating to France. Anyone moving to Mexico or the Caribbean gets to choose: rum or tequila as you prefer. Yow!

  • Any time someone comments on the "open floor plan" or "open concept", take a sip.
  • Any time someone comments on the view, take a sip.
  • Any time someone comments about closet space or storage, take a sip.
  • Any time someone mentions "granite counter tops", do a shot.
  • Any time someone renovates, do a shot.
  • If someone sells a house, give someone in your group a shot.
  • If someone buys a house, do a shot.
  • If someone finds asbestos or knob and tube wiring, shotgun a beer.
I haven't actually played this game because my tolerance is so weak that I'd be utterly wasted inside the first fifteen minutes of a program. But I've enjoyed shouting, "Drink!" at the TV while watching couples try to find a place to live. I'm considering filling my flask with Eagle Rare and taking it with me on the next round of apartment hunting, just to make the experience a bit less stressful. Don't worry, he'll drive. 

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